Star Conflict

Fight to the death in outer space


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Star Conflict is a massive multiplayer action and simulation game where players will participate in huge combat situations between spaceships against players from all over the world.

The world of Star Conflict is set more than three thousand years after the first colonies abandon Earth in search of new planets. Technology has of course evolved, which allows us to not only discover and visit systems beyond the Solar, but also develop technology that permits humans to travel quickly between the new areas.

At the beginning of the game, you'll take on the role of commander of a fleet of ships with the power to control many different types of machines. From small recovery ships to enormous frigates full of weapons, tons of different options will be at your disposal. Best of all, you'll find ways to personalize each one of them.

As you might expect with this type of game, the universe is divided into different factions (in this case, three), so you'll need to ally yourself with one of them in order to fight against the other two. It creates intense space-based battles where you'll have to depend almost exclusively on your ability.

Star Conflict is a fun spaceship game that perfectly combines elements from familiar ship simulators with other details from massive multiplayer games to create a unique experience that is absolutely worth your time to try.
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